Michael Johnson
   This website is our meager attempt to capture the amazing beauty our God created for us to enjoy through His animal kingdom. Lauren and I are never disappointed any time we have the opportunity to simply get away from it all and spend time watching and recording His creatures.  We surely don’t manage to capture quality images of every creature or their never-ending antics that we observe, but we surely do enjoy trying.

  When I purchased my first DSLR camera, I had no idea what we would discover as we ventured into the various wildlife refuges and parks. In addition, we had no idea really what we were in for as we discovered birds and animals we had never seen before of all types in places we had visited all of our lives! At that point, the challenge was on to capture images of all the wildlife we could find in any place they could be discovered.

  So, these images represent many of those day trips, long drives, and hours of sitting in one place to try and capture a particular bird or creature. We have been fortunate to not only see but capture images of so many different birds and creatures that many folks spend lifetimes looking for. We are so thankful for the opportunities we have experienced up until this point and look forward to many more.

  All of Creation speaks His Name. If you have any doubt, maybe some of these images will help you see and hear Him in all you see in nature.